The full video recording of Beaker finally brought to digital viewing.
All the scenes in this film were recorded by the author:
This video was recorded on an old VHS video camcorder which had been recorded over multiple times, please excuse the low quality in video.



This video starts out in Summer of 2001 about 10:30 p.m. when BEAKER arrives at home. He got a ride home from his friend Bill, and since he had his own car I was concerned since he didn't drive it home. I couldn't even get a straight answer from him as to where it was, where he had been that day or what the hell he was thinking. As it turns out, I found out a few days after this was filmed that he was at his friend Steven's house, and he had already been on drugs since earlier in the afternoon. Someone noticed that BEAKER had been away from the group for some time now, and decided to find out what he was doing. I'm glad they found him when they did, because this man was about to drink Windex glass cleaning solution right out of the fucking bottle. They decided he was too fucked up to stay there, and drove his ass home. On the way home Bill says that BEAKER thought he was driving the car, and was freaking out because he couldn't control the car. That shit had to be funny as fuck.

When Bill dropped him off I noticed he was very delusional and he didn't even know I was his own brother. He called me many names that night. (Rick, Shawn, Richard, Nick and a few others) I knew he couldn't be around his mom AT ALL before she left to go to work. It was hard keeping him outside on the front porch until she had to get up at 11. He couldn't even get a whole sentence out of his mouth, all I could hear were mumbles and shit, but I believe he really thought he was talking the right way. Who the fuck knows what he was thinking...this mother fucker was beyond fucked up. As soon as mom left I grabbed the camera and started recording him because it was about the funniest shit I have ever experienced. Turns out that he had ate some seeds from a Moonflower plant and had lost all sense of reality, and could actually see people, places and things that weren't there. I wonder what was actually going through his mind while he was talking to the air. 


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