Take-off from Brize Norton England https://youtu.be/HKpvO7dc8ac
What a Monster ! Finally for the first time I've filmed  this spectacular World largest jumbo jet.  Magnificent airplane. larger then Airbus A380  It's been filmed in 4K resolution. The pilot made very impressive visual runway inspection by doing a "Fly pass" or "Low pass"  followed by soft landing at Doncaster  Sheffield Robin Hood Airport.  This cargo plane seems so huge but  so Maneuverable 
Antonov An-225  Mriya which has Wingspan of 88.4 m (nearly nine Double decker Buses)  and Empty weight is  285,000 kg flew here from Kiev Ukraine. This is really very rare visitor. I'm never saw this amazing aircraft before , I want to share it with you.  Great experience to see her very close. She's 27 years old, still doing her job. I hope you will enjoy watching this video footage. Please don't forget to rate it! Thank you! 

Самый большой Самолёт в мире Мрия Антонов Ан-225 приземляется в аэропорту Робин Гуда Донкастер Англия

Оле́г Константи́нович Анто́нов (1906 — 1984) — советский авиаконструктор, доктор технических наук (1960), профессор (1978), академик АН СССР. Герой Социалистического Труда. Лауреат Ленинской премии и Сталинской премии второй степени.Родился 25 января (7 февраля) 1906 года в деревне Троица Вороновской волости Подольского уезда Московской губернии
Departure from Kiev Gostomel Ukrane Nov 11, 2015 http://bit.ly/1QvkeMW

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An225 Departing Doncaster , Impressive takeoff http://bit.ly/1OH5nzD

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