A case out of the Philippines is being called a miracles after a little girl at her own funeral wakes up. The 3-year-old girl was being prepared for burial when she began to move inside her coffin.

A neighbor of the family had opened the girl's coffin to adjust the body when he noticed a slight movement of her head.

Video footage posted online shows the ceremony erupting into chaos as a man and a woman, identified by the Philippine Star as the girl's parents, pick her up out of the casket and wrap her in blankets.

The girl was apparently pronounced dead two days earlier. The police inspector told the paper he was not the proper authority to pronounce on a medial case but confirmed the parents said the girl had severe fever for days so they took her to a medical clinic on Friday. She was pronounced dead early the next morning.

After the funeral incident Sunday, the little girl was well enough to go home after tests were done.

CLICK HERE to watch the raw video. 


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