“The Dead Don’t Die” (1975) dir. Curtis Harrington & starring Ray Milland and Joan Blondell. Script by Robert Bloch from his short story by the same name.

This made-for-television movie is a neo-noir horror flick set in the 1930s, like all good Curtis Harrington movies are. It tells the story of Don Drake, who, upon returning to Chicago to witness his brother’s execution for murder, begins to see his deceased brother wandering the foggy streets.

Anyone who enjoys 70’s horror and the time period of the 1930’s should check this film out, along with Harrington’s other two masterpieces, “Whoever Slew Auntie Roo” and “What’s the Matter With Helen,” both starring Shelley Winters in a ‘Grande Dame Guignol’ role.

Presented here in a minor restoration by me, uploaded because this glorious film has never seen the light of DVD. 


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