http://jlptalk.com LIVE M-F 6-9am PT (8-11 CT / 9-noon ET – Also on http://newsmaxtv.com first hour) CALL-IN: 888-775-3773 – Jesse comments on the black people looting and stealing shoes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and elsewhere after Hurricane / Tropical Storm Irma. Just shameless, then running from the police. There's no such thing as racism. Blacks' problem is the lack of moral character. 9 people were arrested for burglary during a natural disaster. No wonder white women clutch their purses, and blacks get followed in stores. Miami PD tweeted: Thinking about looting? Ask these guys how that turned out. #stayindoors. What kind of mind does a person have stealing other people's stuff when they're under duress? 

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