Enough of you requested that I react to the new episode of Game of thrones season , but first I had to get through a 68 hour binge watch of Every season of game of thrones.

Wouldn't you know it? James Corden had his writer and now his parents binge watch too on the Late show.

To those of you who have never watched Game of Thrones, don't worry if this one isn't for you. There are spoilers and I'll do something different later this week. For those Game of Thrones Fans? I'm sorry! I know nothing!

I'm cross eyed as I type these lovely human beings names and have surely spelt a couple wrong or maybe even omitted! If I did, flag me and I'll fix it!

Autumn Garrett
Mark Lonsky
David Curtis
Stephanie Adams 
Jess Pigott
Amy Alexander
Robert Thomas
Lorraine Thomas
Matthew Barrowcliffe
Glen Perrier
Elaine Williams
Gary Dodge
Maureen Ragen Bennett
Brandon Mandarino
John Robertson
Barry Hall
Colin Macdonald
Jorge Mora
Glenn A. Lewis
Greg Thoman
Jacey Canady
Kurt Johnson
Barry Strachan
Philip E. Mirkovich
Frank Baxley
Wayne Wilde
Heather Czernewski
Stephen Crawford
Sara Koval
Steve Coleman
Richard Renzema
Sarah Donivan
Paul Quinn
Brian Airhart
Jody Vezina
Michael Dotson
Josh Muir

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