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With Game of Thrones Season 8 upon us, the internet theories surrounding the fantasy epic from HBO have never been higher. One such theory, from YouTuber Alt Shift X details how the Starks may actually have White Walker blood in their genes. This comes from the time not long after the Long Night, an event that happened around eight thousand years before the show. The 13th Lord Commander of the Wall found a White Walker woman and took her as a wife and even raised at least one child with her. Using magic, he bent the wall to his will and reigned in terror for thirteen years, even offering up humans to the White Walkers, not unlike Craster the Wildling did. Bran the Breaker, King of Winterfell, put an end to this with some Northern help and crushed his tyranny. But the theory suggests that Bran may have adopted the child, who could very well be his nephew. From there, the child, half White Walker, grew up as a Stark and was raised as a human. If the child was integrated well enough and was able to produce children, then the Starks that would come to pass would inherit some White Walker tendencies. This could explain why the Starks are naturally resistant to cold and why some of the Kings of Winterfell have had traits that seem eerily similar to the White Walkers, such as sapphire blue eyes. This would explain why Ned is so resistant to admitting the Walkers are back, as he may have known about the Stark lineage and may spin a different angle on the family motto “winter is coming. 

Script by Sean Gallagher

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