# WTF is this!?!

For kicks in the edit suite, we overdubbed this footage with fun sound effects. Initially, just to amuse ourselves, but then we uploaded it here… 

Crosswind landings are very dangerous, but you can't deny that the planes look comical and almost cartoonish on their descents.

For extra points, shout-out in the comments, which airline gets the worst, most stereotypical sound effects in our little video.

# Facts on crosswinds

A crosswind is any wind that has a perpendicular component to the line or direction of travel. They affect the aerodynamics of many forms of transport.

In aviation, a crosswind is the component of wind that is blowing across the runway, making landings and take-offs more difficult than if the wind were blowing straight down the runway. If a crosswind is strong enough, it can damage an aircraft's undercarriage upon landing. 

Crosswinds, sometimes abbreviated as X/WIND, are reported in knots, abbreviated kt, and often use the plural form in expressions such as "with 40kt crosswinds". Smaller aircraft are often not limited by their ability to land in a crosswind, but may see their ability to taxi safely reduced.

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